Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to Create eBook inside Wikipedia

It takes a minute to convert you favorite Wikipedia pages into an eBook. Here’s a quick guide:

1 - Click here to open Wikipedia with the Book Creator enabled. Alternatively, you can open any Wikipedia page and choose Book Creator from the toolbox menu in the right sidebar.
2 - Next browse to any Wikipedia page and click the “Add this page to your book” link to queue that article into your ebook.
3 - You can also hover your mouse over any internal Wikipedia link to add the linked page to your Wikipedia ebook without having to open the page (see next screenshot).
4 - Once you have bundled your favorite pages, click the Show Book link, give your ebook a title and download it in the EPUB format.

Hover your mouse over a link to add that linked page to your Wikipedia eBook

You can read Wikipedia ebooks inside the iBooks app

Wikipedia has offered the PDF export functionality on their website for some time but with the recent change, you can export a selection of Wikipedia pages as EPUBs which is a much better format for reading articles offline on mobile phones, ebook readers and tablets. PDF is still a more suitable format for creating print-ready ebooks.