Friday, December 18, 2009

Creating a Sunset View (After Effects)

We will learn how to create :
  • sun
  • sky
  • river
  • buildings

now just do the following steps

create new compositing with following properties

Composition settings

River Layer

create new solid layer with comp size and black color name it : river and make it 3D layer

make it a 3d layer

show position, scale and orientation and change to the following values :

Show position, scale and orientation

Now go to Effects menu and chose Noise & Grain then chose Fractal Noise Now change the following properties only :

Effects menu

At the end of timeline

end of timeline

Now add the fx CC Toner with these properties :

cc toner

Now add CC Glass fx with these properties :

cc glass

Buildings Layer

add the solid layer again and name it Buildings just draw buildings by using masks like this :

Buildings layer masks

You should end up with something like this:


And change the Mask Feather of each mask to : 2.5

feather masks

Buildings – Reflection Layer

To make reflection of buildings layer just do the following :

  1. duplicate the buildings layer
  2. change the following properties


  3. add Linear Wipe fx with following properties :

    linear wipe

  4. add Wave Warp fx with the following properties :

    wave warp

Sky Layer

Add the black solid layer again and name it : sky

  1. add Ramp fx to Sky layer with no changes in properties
  2. add CC Toner with change color like this


Now move the Sky layer to the end of layers in the timeline

sky layer

Sun Layer

Add the black solid layer again and name it : Sun

Draw the sun by using mask ( just draw circle )

sun layer

Then change the Feather of the mask to : 10

feather the mask

Add Fill fx to fill the sun with white color

sun color fill

Put the Sun layer over the Sky layer

show layers

Now you've got this nice view :

final view

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