Thursday, March 5, 2009

Create a Scenic Photomanipulation (Photoshop Tutorials)

Create a Scenic Photomanipulation


In this tutorial Andreea takes us through a very scenic photo manipulation. Using some provided stock images you’ll learn how to manipulate color effects using textures and contrasts, these techniques will provide a platform for creating future photo manipulations and will enhance your skills.

Finished Preview


Step 1

As always the first step to photomanipulation is finding the right stocks. I like using waterscapes backgrounds because they always give a wonderful scene when combined with a sunset sky.

I chose the followings stocks for now.



Step 2

Crop out the model from your image. You’ll need to keep her on a separante layer if you plan on blending the backgrounds together. Hide the model layer so you can work with the background. Paste the sunset image and use a soft round eraser brush to blend the waters together.


Step 3

I know it looks odd but once you will reveal the model layer it will look ok. Use curves (image>adjustments>curves) on the original image and the model layer and make them darker to match the setting. Use the dodge and burn tools to fix the lights and shadows on the model. I have dodged her left side, and burned where necessary on her back because the light source comes from up front.


Step 4

The next part is editing the hair. Short hair just isn’t something I like all that much. I am too lazy to paint at times so I take advantage of some wonderful painted hair layers I purchased at renderosity . This is the one that I choose img5

Then I copy/pasted it onto the model to fit it with her head. It looks odd because the tones don’t really match at this point but they can be adjusted easily.


Step 5

Use curves (image>adjustments>curves) and color balance (image>adjustments>color balance) to adjust the tones. I had to use more yellow and a bit of red to make the tones match. Then pick a soft eraser brush and blend it with the original hair. Use dodge and burn to fix the lighting, the same as done on the model.


Step 6

I like to add in a few painted strands so I picked the brush tool, small round brush and picked a natural tone from the hair with the color picker tool and started painting the lines following the natural look of the hair. Then use dodge and burn on the hair following the original highlighs and shadows parts.


Step 7

Next I will add a few texture layers for effects. A texture can change an image a lot, but it’s knowing how to use textures the right way that can give you an exquisite effect. For starters I picked this one from my personal collection;


I pasted the texture onto the image and set it to overlay. Because the effect was too strong I desaturated it and deleted the center area where the model is.


Step 8

I added this texture and set it to soft light;img11

I used a soft round eraser brush with a 50% opacity on the center area, mostly on the model. I also used color balance to diversify the color tones a bit (I added in a little magenta and blue).


Step 9

The image missed one essential thing. The model should have a shadow. Shadows are really easy to make. Hold the CTRL key and select from the layers menu the one with your model. This will outline the shape of the model. Go to the menu up top and go to layer>new>new layer and fill in the selection with black. It should look something like this.


Step 10

Move the layer down, below your model one, but also above the background one. Flip it vertically (edit>transform>flip vertical) then use distort to give a shape similar to what a natual shadow would look like. Change the layer’s opacity to 70% and blur out the edges of it so it doesn’t look too sharp and unnatural.


Step 11

The final step is merging all the layers together (layer>merge visible) and playing around with colors and see what looks best. I added in a bit of green and darkened the upper part of the sky because it seemed too light. When you’re done, sharpen the image so it looks crisp and clean (filter>sharpen>sharpen).

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