Monday, November 17, 2008

02) Simple Box Modelling

Here you will be taught how box model a TV.

1) Make a square. And use these settings.

2) Go to the MODIFY TAB and select EDIT MESH.

3) Now select the Vertex icon in the edit mesh properties. Your cube should now have a bunch of blue dots all over it.

4) Now in your front viewport we will start modeling. Select the 2nd dot from the right. And move it down just a tiny bit, select the "select and move" icon to move the dot. (Make sure "Ignore Backspacing" is NOT selected. In the picture above, the option is right below where you selected vertex)

5) Now select the dot to the right and move it down about half way to the next layer. Then select all the rest of the dots on the top layer and move them so that they are almost touching the layer below. Do this for the bottom layer of dots also.
Repeat step 4 and 5 for the bottom. Your TV should look like this.
6) Make another square and use these settings.
7) In your RIGHT Viewport position the square directly in the center of your TV. If you don't have a Right Viewport go to CUSTOMIZE > VIEWPORT CONFIGURATION and select the LAYOUT tab. Right click a viewport and select right. Then in your FRONT Viewport position it at the right so that most of it is sticking out.

8) Made a clone of the new square we made. EDIT > CLONE. and move the clone square off the the side somewhere.

9) Now select compound objects in the geometry tab.

10) Click on your TV, then select BOOLEAN, in the options there, select "PICK OPERANT B" and then click on the Square that is sticking out of your TV. There should now be a indent in your TV.

11) Take the 2nd square the we made and moved it into the indent we just made.

12) Now you can put textures on your TV and Screen and render it. Thats as far as Im going to go in this tutorial. You should now have basic knowledge on how box modeling works, as well as how to use the Boolean tool. (Author:- Nadun Dissanayake)

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